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    "when people get mad at other people saying that something they did was racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever
    I don’t get it
    it’s like
    If you were hanging out with your friend and your friend turns to you and says “hey I don’t know if you noticed but you just stepped on my foot, can you please stop”, I am guessing most people would say “oh man, I’m sorry” and maybe watch where they were walking a little better
    You probably would NOT:
    yell at your friend for accusing you of stepping on their foot
    deny that you had stepped on your friend’s foot
    argue with your friend over how you step on everyone’s feet equally, so it shouldn’t matter
    insist that you didn’t step on their foot that hard, so it couldn’t have hurt them
    get offended over the implication that the way you walk is wrong
    say “okay, but what about MY foot?”
    step on your friend’s foot more to show how it isn’t even a big deal and nobody cares about people stepping on each other’s feet anymore
    reference that one time when your friend stepped on YOUR foot and you didn’t complain
    tell them you didn’t mean to do it, so you’re not responsible for stepping on their foot
    deny that your friend has a foot
    and I mean sometimes the person isn’t even a friend or someone you know but that doesn’t matter, don’t fucking step on people"

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    .had to take someone to school just last night.

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