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    .mon bells.

    To my darlings, Katzia and Rose, happiest of birthdays to you both. Kati, forgive the delay, I was dancing for days under a Mexican moon. I miss you both, but thoughts of strength and beauty attend you. Carry my wishes for your continued happiness in your hearts and know I’m never far out of reach if you need me. xoxox…

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    .feathered dragon.

    There are condors nested near our suite, holy balls. They fly so close I feel I could touch them….I want one. O___O

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    .Mexican moon.

    T-minus 24 hours until I’m sipping margaritas at my beach front suite in Mexico. Swimming, hiking, exploring ruins, and lounging in luxury. Excuse me while I try not to vibrate off into the next dimension from excitement. Pics (film) will follow. *_________*

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    .sang de la lune.

    I how the clouds secede tonight, and leave me with a vision to feed my eyes upon…

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    .not dead yet.

    I know I’m a procrastinator, but after awhile my absenteeism is inexcusable. I’m alive, mostly well and this time pleasantly overwhelmed. My new job has.kept me very busy amd learning a lot in the last 3 months. Its been the step forward I desperately craved. My depression benders have ceded to a fair degree. I’m now functional more often than not. I’m getting back into my hobbies. Planning shoots, cosplays and lolita meets. There have been hits, those are unavoidable. They’ve led to reassessment more than rage. Still have no idea what I’m doing, or where I’m going, but at least I feel like I am becoming a better. Kinda.

    I am getting stronger at least. Physically. Thrown myself back into poling and have taken on more aggressively weightlifting. I can almost squat my body weight now. ;) Little victories in a long war. Part of growing up.

    Also, I did a thing!!!

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    .save the date.
So I just got my brother’s wedding announcement in the mail, and this is what the front looks like….
Excuse me, I think there’s a feel in my eye…

    .save the date.

    So I just got my brother’s wedding announcement in the mail, and this is what the front looks like….

    Excuse me, I think there’s a feel in my eye…

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    .ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?

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    • Photos: David Benoliel
    • Model: Martina Dimitrova and Echo Nittolitto


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    .friendship is magic.

    How do you know when you’re close to someone? Your body decides to have a sympathy period to coincide with your friend’s, despite the fact that you’re on a birth control that essentially eliminates having one. Now that’s love.

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    "Your eyes make me shy."
    - Anaïs Nin (via madame-morte)


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.dine on chocolate goth.

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